Rolha Capoeira

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With the 2016 Olympic Games fast approaching, the culture of Brazil—and especially of Rio de Janeiro—is getting lots of attention. Rocinha’s Acorda-Capoeira, led by Mestre Manel, was recently featured in a Reuters article detailing the mestre’s extraordinary efforts in building a successful capoeira community in one of Rio’s most notorious favelas.

Acorda-Capoeira has an extensive roster of students and, most interestingly, Mestre Manel teaches for free:

Currently with some 300 students, Costa does not charge for the courses. His program, known as “Awaken Capoeira,” instead relies on financing from donors that include the city government and local merchants.
Open the link below for the full article, and check out Mestre Manel and Acorda-Capoeira on their Facebook page.

Teaching community through capoeira in a hardscrabble Rio slum at