Rolha Capoeira

1 minute read

A great video was posted by Vimeo user Motion Hiro for the International Capoeira Festival 2016 at Leamington Spa, England. Read the description and check it out below or on Vimeo!

Here’s a promo video I filmed and edited of Leamingtons Spa’s first ever International Capoeira Festival. It was great working with the Brazilian Culture and Arts Community UK and Capoeira Natural do Brasil on this one.

Rolha Capoeira

4 minute read

At Capoeira Morro Verde’s 6th annual batizado this past weekend, Contra-Mestra Gata Brava opened the ceremony with a stark reminder of the severe—and often brutal—social injustices afflicting minority groups in the US. Her soul-baring speech demonstrated dignity, composure, and strength in the face of recent events; yet the visibly upset Contra-Mestra did not hold back in telling the crowd that the status quo in each of us—no matter how well-intentioned—is not going to be enough to make a…