Rolha Capoeira

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Capoeiristas all over the world are grieving from the loss of another legend, Mestre Ananias. He died on July 20 at age 92 in São Paulo, Brazil. Ananias was known for being well-rounded and a complete embodiment of the art of capoeira, and one of the few remaining members of capoeira’s honored past. Born in São Felix, Bahia, Mestre Ananias went on to be who many consider the father of the capoeira scene in São Paulo, bringing with him the full breadth of Afro-Brazilian culture from Bahia.

Social media is alight with tributes to Mestre Ananias, which readers can see in real-time by searching Facebook and Twitter. Ananias’ Facebook page is also full of posts from capoeiristas honoring the late mestre. Be sure to discuss Mestre Ananias with your capoeira mestre, your students, or your classmates, and keep checking back with Capoeira News Online for the latest details and statements on this story from the capoeira world.